HLC Offers Online Tutoring

The Hillsborough Literacy Council is pleased to announce that starting in March, 2021 we will be beginning individual tutoring online. These online services will help reinvigorate our tutoring programs while we await our ability to conduct tutoring sessions in the library branches. We are very excited about these new tutoring sessions for multiple reasons. Of course, they resume the services that many residents of Hillsborough County desperately need; and furthermore, online tutoring also alleviates other issues that many of our tutors and students encounter, and which have blocked many people from getting a tutor in a timely manner. The main challenges are conflicts in student or tutor schedules, lack of transportation, being located too far from a library branch, or lack of child care for students. Online tutoring can solve all of those problems as well as keep people safe during the pandemic.  

We are aware that there are some technical challenges to getting all of our students tutored online, as well as the challenge of getting people with limited reading ability to have digital access, but we are already working to resolve those issues. 

The student and tutor matching process will proceed as it had in the past, with some modifications. Tutors will take a new training to get acquainted with the online tools we will be using. After the training they will be eligible for a student match. We encourage everyone who is interested in tutoring online, either tutors or students, to contact the Literacy office so that we can be sure to get you signed up. 

Email: adultliteracy@hillsboroughcounty.org 
Phone: 813-273-3650 

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