Use the HLC’s Online Visions Archive to Support Your Learners

Did you know that tutors have access to a huge pool of HLC student writing? And, there are plenty of ways to use it to support ABE or ESOL students at any levels, and lots of other benefits, too. Keep the conversation going with Visions! 

Our archive has decades of material.  Taking a look at more of our students’ writing gives everyone a wider appreciation for the range of their abilities, and the diversity of people we serve.  For tutors, ESOL or ABE students, reading Visions is a memorable experience that directly relates to the community around us. 

Tutors often look for authentic texts and low-level readings to explore with their learners. Why not use the more personalized material generated by our community members?  Longer or shorter, poetry or prose, these pieces are written by students who are closer to the level of other students, and with life experiences that they may have in common with the learners you are helping.  

Give adult learners practice with a range of strategies by using our Visions archive. We suggest: 

  • pre-reading activities, such as discussing a topic similar to the one found in the text  
  • retelling the story, or summarizing the text 
  • identifying main ideas and supporting details  
  • asking or answering open-ended questions  
  • skimming and scanning for certain facts  
  • using notes and graphic organizers,  
  • and applying a text to one’s own life 

To get you started, we made a lesson plan focusing on adjective usage, with suggestions for leveling up or down. Access it here, and adapt it to your student, situation, and needs.  Let us know how it goes! 

Having read this post, do you have any other ideas for using Visions?  Let us know! There are many more possibilities we’ll share to support development of critical thinking, fluency, recognition, comprehension, vocabulary development, motivation, reflection, and more. 

Access our Visions archive here. 

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