Tutor Spotlight: Joe Jackson

How long have you been tutoring, and what brought you to tutor with the HLC?

I’ve been tutoring for approximately two years. During that time, I have been working with one ongoing student for my English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) class and for my English Conversational class. The class size varies from one student to ten students, on any given week. My passion is education and social programs and I’m actively involved within the community and enjoy helping others reach their full potential and educational goals. I learned about the HLC program through personal research online on programs which I felt fit my talents and interest. I knew the HLC program allows students to improve their ability to communicate and lays the foundation for their success, which was a perfect fit for me. 

What impact do you think you have made on your students’ lives?

I often hear from my students as they share stories about how they feel more confident as their English improves over time. They also bring to class various English phrases and word usages of the English language that they’ve heard in the “real world” that are not necessarily noted in English grammar books. It’s during our class time that these unique or odd usages of English words are explained. English, as with all languages is a fluid language, word expressions, word usages, etc. can mean different things and change over time. Also, through dedication and hard work, one of my students was able to improve his English considerably and shared that he obtained his “dream job” in his career field. Students have shared their appreciation for the learning experience during class and feel at ease practicing and improving the English during class. The ability to learn and have fun at the same time is often mentioned among the students. 

What impact has tutoring with the HLC had on your life?

Tutoring has made a positive impact on my life as I interact with students and see their dedication and desire to improve their English. I am working on becoming fluent in Spanish, so the dedication I see in my students provides me with the added motivation to continue my goal of improving my Spanish. I am appreciative of where I am in life and humble as I see many life challenges my students face. Yet, they continue on course and handle daily life experiences along with continuing their English classes. I have made many friends along the way and feel honored that I am able to be a part of their lives in an educational setting.

What advice would you give a new tutor?

I would advise new tutors to utilize the tutor resource tools that are available to them through HLC, they are very effective teaching tools that will compliment teaching classes and student interaction. Also utilize creative ways to apply what is applicable to student’s lives and experiences, thus keeping them engaged in the learning process. Reach out to other experienced tutors on advice and insight, there’s a great deal of knowledge among tutors who have experienced many different class situations and found effective solutions. Some may be similar to yours and their insight could be helpful. Lastly, get to know your students and have fun. The better the connection with students, the more relaxed the students are, thus leading to a better learning experience.

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