Learn English with the Library Video

Many of you may be wondering if the library has other ways people can improve their English and Literacy skills from home, especially during these times of social distancing. If you don’t know about your free access to Mango with your library card by now, I would be shocked. We promote that wonderful product everywhere we go. However, we do offer more than that for online use. Much more, in fact. Fortunately, our amazing Melissa Nye has made a video with our great Matthew David that shows you how you can use several other online library resources to pursue language learning goals. The video is called Learn English with the Library and not only does it cover language learning resources, some of these resources can help you improve your writing skills even if you are a native English speaker. For example, we can help those of you who need more help getting your writing up to a higher academic level. Oh, and there are great international movies to watch and so many options that I simply have to recommend that you check out the whole video here.  

Thank you for watching! I know you will find ways to carry on your educational adventure until we can meet in person once more. 

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