Watch the assembly on Youtube!

Our Annual Student/Tutor Appreciation Assembly was held on September 18, 2021, at 10 AM.

As always, we had a wonderful guest speaker:

Dr. Maria Carlo

Dr. Carlo is an Associate Professor at the University of South Florida in the Department of Child and Family Studies. She specializes in bilingualism and literacy development in children and adults and is involved in multiple projects involving these areas. Dr. Carlo’s research focuses on the cognitive processes underlying reading in a second language and in understanding the cross-language transfer of reading skills and how it affects the development of such skills. She is also interested in generating educational interventions that support first- and second-language development, particularly around vocabulary. She is a member of the American Educational Research Association and the International Reading Association.

We also featured the return of our Master of Ceremonies,
news anchor Rod Carter!

This year’s ceremony was accompanied by the release of our annual publication, Visions, and included readings from the latest edition.

Watch the assembly on Youtube!

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