Annual Assembly and Visions 2020 Available Online!

2020 has changed a lot about our lives, but it didn’t stop the Annual Student and Tutor Appreciation event hosted by the Hillsborough Literacy Council 

Despite the slowdown to our services that Covid-19 has caused, we were able to put together a virtual Annual Appreciation Assembly on September 26, 2020. Although we weren’t able to meet face to face, we still had a great time listening to our guest speaker, Csaba Osvath, who did perhaps the best presentation for the online format we could have hoped for. It focused on the world of online game play and its intersection with language and literacy. I highly recommend that all of you check out what Csaba had to say, and the beautiful way in which it was presented. In fact, watch the whole assembly here.  

You’ll notice that as always, News Channel 8’s Rod Carter was our MC, and he did a wonderful job! You just can’t ask for better friends. 

Every year, we release the new edition of Visions during the assembly. This year is no exception. You can find Visions 2020 on our website, or at this link. Do to the interruption in our services, we did not have as much time to solicit as many new writings as we normally would, but we did combine the new writings we received with some from previous years to make a full edition. We also included some tips and ideas on how to incorporate using those writings in a tutoring session or two. We hope you all enjoy the wonderful stories you will find. 

We look forward to planning next year’s event and to be working with all of our students and tutors in whatever ways we can. Until then, please enjoy the Annual Assembly and Visions 2020 digitally and continue to stay healthy until we see each other again. 

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